Ten Reasons Why You Should Go And Kill A Badger Right Now

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Order Carnivora Family Mustelidae Genus Mellivora Scientific Name Mellivora Capensis Read our Complete Guide to Classification of Animals. Honey Badger Conservation Status Least Concern Honey Badger Locations Africa Asia Honey Badger Facts Prey Bees, Insects, Small Animals, Bulbs, Roots, Bird Eggs Name Of Young Kit Fun Fact

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Honey Badger - 50% chance to Rage when starting turn Poisoned, Frightened, or Charmed. - Does not consume a Rage Charge. 6: Bear - Double carrying capacity. - Gain Advantage on Strength Checks. 7: Stallion - Gain temporary hit points equal to twice the level when dashing. - Can only have temporary hit points from one source. 8: Crocodile

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Honey badgers, also known as "ratels," are notoriously tough members of the weasel family, known for their tough skin and vicious demeanor. Though they are called the honey badger, they are actually less closely related to badgers than previously thought. Read on to learn about the honey badger. Closeup of a Honey Badger walking.

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30 km/h mph Weight 5-16 kg lbs Height 23-28 cm inch

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Toph to Team Avatar.For earthbending, the original benders were badgermoles. The badgermole is an enormous, blind mammal native to the Earth Kingdom. Primarily subterranean creatures, badgermoles were the first to use earthbending and the original instructors from which humans first learned the art. The badgermoles first taught earthbending to Oma and Shu, helping them to create a maze of.

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A honey badger ( Mellivora capensis) carries a young pup in her mouth at Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa. Derek Keats/Flickr ( CC By 2.0) Unless you were living in an internet-less cave in 2011, you've probably heard of the honey badger ( Mellivora capensis ).

Ten Reasons Why You Should Go And Kill A Badger Right Now

Reference Honey Badger 2:27 Honey Badger: Snake Slayer Honey badgers have a bite that makes cold-blooded enemies' blood run even colder. Common Name: Honey Badger Scientific Name:.

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The Honey Badger is a viral video featuring nature documentary footage with voiceover narration provided by Randall, a self-proclaimed animal lover who has since launched a successful YouTube series of similar videos. The Honey Badger video gained a great deal of popularity in early 2011 for its sassy commentary and irreverent personification of the mammals.

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Features: 4 colour variants - European badger, American badger, honey badger, and wolverine. Customisable sliders for the body shape, ears, muzzle, and head. Wolverine tail variant. Claw length and nose size toggle. Toggleable shirt and trousers in 3 styles. Avatar 3.0 expressions menu to adjust all features listed above.

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Dr. Madge Honey Badger (voiced by Katie Lowes) is a honey badger scientist who helps Mayor Lionheart look for the cause of the animals' savagery. Because of Judy and Nick, Dr. Honey Badger, Mayor Lionheart, and those involved are arrested. Doug (voiced by Rich Moore) is an emotionless ram chemist and sniper who works for Bellwether.

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The Honey Badger is known for attacking enemies with far greater size and strength. It compartmentalizes fear, summoning the courage to tackle great danger in order to take home the victory. 2.

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These community members now join our previously recognized Honey Badgers as stars of our community. In addition to the coveted Honey Badger badge (say that 3 times), Honey Badgers also get Honey Badger Flair displayed with their avatar, and a PDF certificate suitable for framing! Please give a warm "Thank You!" to these folks, and to anyone.

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8. Never-Aging Spirit Stoffel is an 18-year-old relatively friendly Honey Badger who became a star of a movie, documenting his handler's failures to contain the elderly Badger. After one of his escapes, he was mauled by lions. As s soon as he got out of the hospital, he once again escaped his enclosure.

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The honey badger, also known as a "Ratel", is a stocky badger-like mammal found in, Asia, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Though not common across its range, they are found in a huge variety of habitats.

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Scientific name: Mellivora capensis Type of Animal: Mammal (member of the order Carnivora) Animal Family: Mustelidae (the weasel family), subfamily Mellivorinae Where Found: Africa, Middle East, India Length: 67 to 107 cm (26 to 42 in), including tail Height: 23 to 30 cm (9 to 12 in.)

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The honey badger is the . Although in the 1860s it was assigned to the badger subfamily, the , it is now generally agreed that it bears few similarities to the Melinae. It is much more closely related to the Guloninae, and furthermore is assigned its own subfamily, Mellivorinae. [5]