How To Remove Scratches From Your Hydro Flask - Hunting Waterfalls (2023)

How To Remove Scratches From Your Hydro Flask - Hunting Waterfalls (1)

Hydro Flask are great at keeping drinks cold or hot all day long and the bright colors look great. But they can be prone to scratching and when you have scratches on your Hydro Flask they don't look as good.

Ideally you'd have a Hydro Flask that never scratches. But if you do happen to get some then how do you remove scratches from your Hydro Flask?

Is it possible to get your Hydro Flask looking scratch free and brand new again?

For light scratches the answer is yes, absolutely. For deeper scratches the answer is still yes, but it's a little more difficult to fix.

To remove light scratches from your Hydro Flask soak a piece of fine-grade 1000-1500 grit sandpaper in water. Keep the sandpaper wet and lightly apply to the area in circular motions to buff out the scratches. For deeper scratches use a cover up market, paint or stickers to remove or hide the scratch.

What Can Cause Your Hydro Flask To Scratch?

How To Remove Scratches From Your Hydro Flask - Hunting Waterfalls (2)

Hydro Flasks are covered in a thick powder coat of paint, which while tough is not completely resistant to scratches.

One of the easiest ways Hydro Flasks get scratches is rubbing up against anything metal.

This could be a belt or a hair clip in your bag, or it could be your keys or maybe it bumped up against a metal railing. This can leave surface metal marks or scratches on your Hydro Flask.

Dropping your Hydro Flask or banging it up against something by accident can also cause scratches to appear.

Eventually you're bound to get scratches on your Hydro Flask and the longer you own it the more scratches you're likely to have.

How To Remove Light Scratches From Your Hydro Flask

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If the scratches on your Hydro Flask bottles are only light surface scratches and they don't seem to be too deep then you should actually be able to completely remove them with a little bit of effort.

Before you start using the sandpaper method mentioned below try to rub off your scratch with soapy water, rubbing alcohol or a mildly abrasive sponge or cloth. If you're scratch is too strong for this then you can use sandpaper to get out a light scratch.

Hydro Flasks have a pretty thick layer of powder coated paint so it is often possible to use fine sand paper and buff away the scratch so you can't notice it anymore.

You can also use this method to get rid of hard to remove stains from your Hydro Flask.

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Get some super find sandpaper – 2000 grit or 3000 grit. This is often used in automative repair shops to bring back the shine of metal parts. You can also use 1000 grit of 1500 grit sandpaper but it's more likely to alter the texture of paint so use with caution.

Soak your sandpaper in water and get it completely wet.

Also put some water on the scratched area of your Hydro Flask.

Perform light pressure circular movements around the scratched area and you'll notice your scratches fade away pretty quickly.

Ensure that the entire time you're doing it the sandpaper is wet. Keep dipping it in the water so it doesn't dry out. As soon as the sandpaper stops feeling like it's gliding over the area dip it in water again

It's important not to apply too much pressure or you may strip off the paint altogether or make more scratches. So let the sandpaper do the work for you rather than applying lots of pressure. DO NOT PUSH DOWN HARD. Honestly you need to apply little to no pressure at all, just let the sandpaper do the work.

Think of it as basically rubbing off super small layers of the paint from the surrounding areas and levelling out the mini scratches that you can.

Once complete wipe away the residue with a microfibre towel or some isopropyl alcohol.

The scratches on your Hydro Flask should now be gone and your bottle should be looking as good as new.

For more helpful tips check out this reddit post or these before and after shots with instructions.

Do Hydro Flasks Scratch Easily?

Hydro Flask bottles do have a thick layer of powder coated paint and while this is quite durable it does actually scratch pretty easily. Contact with metal items like keys, watches, zippers or even hair ties can scratch it. And over time general use will cause it to get scratched.

Are Scratches Covered Under Hydro Flask's Warranty?

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Hydro Flask water bottles come with an impressive lifetime warranty. However before you get excited this is a “limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects”

Hydro Flask have promised to replace any product found to be defective within the scope of normal and appropriate use.

This is mainly for issues with broken caps, bottles that lose their insulating properties, damages during the shipping process as well as rattling flasks. Their warranty does not cover cosmetic damages from regular use and wear and tear of the product.

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This means if you drop your Hydro Flask or in some way scratch or chip the paint off this is NOT covered under warranty.

How To Fix Hard Deep Scratches on Your Hydro Flask

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If you've got deep scratches in your Hydro Flask, especially if they go all the way down showing the stainless steel underneath, then the sandpaper method mentioned above won't work.

Fixing deep scratches in your Hydro Flask requires using some different methods. Or if you can't fix the scratch or don't have the paint or tools to do so then covering up the scratch or just leaving it may be your best option.

Paint It Or Use a Mark Up Pen

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One of the best ways to fix a deep scratch on your Hydro Flask is to paint over it using the same color as the paint of the bottle.

For something like white or black this is pretty easy to match up but the other colors may be more difficult.

You'll want to use a mark up pen or if you're using paint use a very fine brush so you're just painting the scratch itself and not putting a bit stroke over the entire area.

You can always head down to your local hardware store and take your Hydro Flask with you to find the closest color using their swatches. Or get the help of a staff member as sometimes they can color match.

Often you can buy a small tester pot of paint for a couple of dollars.

Artware stores are another great place to find matching paints. They often have bright colors and lots of variety so you should be able to find one that's a pretty close match.

Paint The Entire Bottle

Rather than just painting the scratch why not go ahead and paint the entire bottle?

You can get creative with your designs and make it completely you.

It's a fun activity to do, the bottle is easy to paint over and it looks great.

Acrylic Paint is super affordable – click here to it on Amazon.

You can also use Posca Pens which are perfect for just touching up little spots – click here to see Posca Pens at Amazon

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And make sure when you're done you cover your paint job with a varnish otherwise the paint will easily scratch off again – click here to get the professional gloss varnish at Amazon.

Put a Sticker Over It

How To Remove Scratches From Your Hydro Flask - Hunting Waterfalls (7)

If you can't find the right color to match your bottle or you can't be bothered painting over the scratch then you can always simply put a sticker over the scratch to cover it up.

Filling up your Hydro Flask with creative looking stickers has been a popular trend and it makes your Hydro Flask look cool and completely unique.

Vinyl stickers tend to be some of the best to use as they look great and are easy to remove. You can get a whole bunch of different vinyl sticker packs from Amazon. I'm sure you'll find the sticker that best suits you style.

See the different vinyl sticker options at Amazon

Buy a New One (And Sell Your Old One)

If your Hydro Flask is too scratched up and looking worse for wear maybe it's time that you went and bought a new one.

This could be that perfect excuse to choose that brand new color you've always want or to update to a larger or smaller size that better suits your needs.

See the latest prices of Hydro Flask bottles at compare to prices of Hydro Flask bottles at Amazon)

Just Leave It (It Adds Character)

How To Remove Scratches From Your Hydro Flask - Hunting Waterfalls (10)

Hydro Flasks are made for the outdoors and made for adventures.

So while it isn't ideal that your Hydro Flask doesn't look perfect and has some cosmetic blemishes it's also the territory of having a reusable bottle that you are using on a regular basic.

It's going to get scratched, chipped, dented and damaged over time.

But this adds character to your bottle and reminds you of all the great times you've had. So instead of trying to keep it looking brand new why not enjoy it's scuff marks?

If you have a big dent in your Hydro Flask then click here to learn if you can get dents out of a Hydro Flask.

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How To Protect Your Hydro Flask From Scratches

If you want to prevent your Hydro Flask from future scratches there are some things you can do to make it less likely that you'll get scratches on your Hydro Flask water bottle.

Be Careful and Keep Away From Metal

It goes without saying but if you want to stop your Hydro Flask from getting scratches then be careful with it.

Don't drop it, bang it around and definitely keep it away from hard sharp items and any type of metal.

Metal seems the scratch the powder coat paint super easily so no putting your bottle in the same place as your keys.


How To Remove Scratches From Your Hydro Flask - Hunting Waterfalls (11)

Hydro Flask sell bottle slings that act as a protective layer over your bottle but also have a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

See the latest prices of Hydro Flask Slings at compare prices of Hydro Flask Slings at Amazon)

Cover Sleeve

You can buy protective covers for your Hydro Flask that wrap around it and stop it from scratching.

Some people loves these, but personally I don't like that it hides the bright and beautiful colors of my Hydro Flask.


While stickers are a great way to cover up existing scratches on your Hydro Flask they also provide a protective layer that stops new scratches getting on your bottle.

So stickers can actually be a great way of preventing scratches on your Hydro Flask and they make your bottle look great.

Resin Coating (Extreme Measure)

If you're super desperate to avoid any scratches ever on your Hydro Flask then applying a protective layer of resin can stop the paint scratching off.

It also gives your Hydro Flask a shinier gloss finish that can really make the colors pop.

This is used a lot when people hydro dip their bottles or tumblers as it protects the paint.

But you can use it just to protect the existing powder coated paint.

(Video) Hydro Flask Trail Series vs Regular Hydro Flask

You can go with a simple spray can epoxy that'll give you a clear coating or for even better results a lot of people recommendthis 2 part epoxy from Amazon(or craft stores) that gives a better result.


How do you get scratches out of a Hydro Flask? ›

You can use a sandpaper to remove imperfections and deep scratches. Wet your sandpaper with water and make sure that it is not dry during your cleaning process.

How do you get scratches out of a water bottle? ›

Clean the plastic surface with a damp cloth, rubbing in a circular motion around the scratch. Dry the area to remove any dirt which should make the process easier to carry out. Apply a mild abrasive, such as toothpaste, furniture polish, baking soda or plastic polish to the scratch.

How do you get scratches out of a stainless steel water bottle? ›

This is the most famous "trick", used to clean scratches on metal, as well as glass. Wet a clean cloth, on which you place a little toothpaste. Dab the scratches in the grain direction, and let it dry. Rinse with clean water before drying thoroughly with a soft, microfiber cloth.

Is Hydro Flask scratch resistant? ›

All Hydro Flask water bottles are easy to hold since they're powder-coated (scratch-resistant).

Can you buff scratches out of stainless steel? ›

Choose a Buffing Compound

There are numerous commercial stainless steel scratch removers on the market. Or, you can make a gentle abrasive paste with a few drops of water and a powder like baking soda, Bar Keepers Friend, Bon Ami, or non-gel toothpaste.

Can you buff out deep scratches on stainless steel? ›

The best way to tackle deep scratches on stainless steel is to use a piece of wet fine-grit sandpaper, but make sure always to keep it wet or you might add to the problem. Also remember to follow up with a rubbing compound once the initial treatment has removed the deepest of scratches.

Why does toothpaste remove scratches? ›

Paste-based toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive that levels out the scratch, removing it or making it less noticeable. It's important, however, to proceed with caution: Use the wrong technique, and you could dull the finish or create more scratches, worsening the problem.

Does rubbing alcohol remove scratches from glass? ›

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing an alcoholic abrasive can remove scratches from the glasses. It is also a good option to clean your glasses even if there are no scratches although it can be more expensive than the other methods mentioned above.

Does Comet remove scratch stainless steel? ›

There are many methods of removing a scratch in stainless steel. Fine scratches can be removed with common store-bought consumer cleaning products, such as Revere Stainless Steel or Comet. If the manufacturer supplies its own cleaner for your appliance (often available at home improvement stores), use that.

What is the best product to remove scratches from stainless steel? ›

Remove Light, Fine Scratches From Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel scratch remover (Bar Keeper's Friend or similar)
  • Vinegar.
  • Whitening toothpaste (optional scratch remover)
  • Baking soda (optional scratch remover)
May 10, 2022

Does olive oil remove scratches from stainless steel? ›

You'll need a microfiber cloth and a bottle of olive oil. You don't even need the expensive stuff for this job. Add a few drops of the oil to your cloth and buff your stainless steel in the direction of the grain — horizontal or vertical. Keep buffing until all those smudges are gone and scratches are filled.

Do Hydroflasks have lifetime warranty? ›

We are so convinced that the Hydro Flask® is the best double-wall vacuum-insulated bottle available that we guarantee every Hydro Flask® product with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

How long does a Hydro Flask last? ›

Durable, reusable and designed to stop spills, our mugs keep cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12. Hydro Flask insulated coffee mugs with lids are your dependable companion to keep the sips without the drips.

What should you not put in a Hydro Flask? ›

Do Not put milk in Hydro Flask for a long time. When you put Hot Milk in a Hydro Flask that keep the hot milk steady warm for a long time, microorganisms in the milk would rapidly multiply at a suitable temperature environment, causing spoilage and easily causing diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

Does WD 40 remove scratches from stainless steel? ›

All in all, WD-40 does an amazing job at cleaning and polishing stainless steel.

Does toothpaste really remove scratches on stainless steel? ›

Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and works a little more strongly on light scratches than non-abrasive cleaners. Apply the toothpaste to an old, soft-bristled toothbrush and brush over the scratches, following the grain. Wipe away the toothpaste with a damp microfiber cloth to check the surface.

Does vinegar remove scratches from stainless steel? ›

We've figured out the quickest and easiest way to make your flat and dirty stainless steel appliances appear shiny and new. And you'll only need two things: Vinegar and olive oil.

Does bar keepers friend remove scratches from stainless steel? ›

Bar Keepers Friend, the well-known cleanser, is designed to remove and minimize the appearance of scratches in stainless steel. Start by applying the product to the scratched area of the sink and rub it in by following the grain with a non-abrasive cloth or a 3M Maroon Pad.

What happens if you scratch stainless steel? ›

Stainless steel cookware is durable and typically resists scratching, but stainless pots and pans can begin to release certain metal components if scratched or gouged. Despite this metallic release, cooking with scratched stainless steel cookware is generally safe.

Does hydrogen peroxide remove scratches? ›

"Hydrogen peroxide is actually detrimental to wound healing," says Dr. Yaakovian. "It prevents healing rather than promoting it." That's because its reactive power isn't specific to germs.

How do you make scratches go away ASAP? ›

Proper Wound Care: How to Help Cuts Heal Fast
  1. Clean the Cut or Scrape. The best starting point for treating a wound is cleaning it. ...
  2. Treat the Wound with a Topical Antibiotic. Infected cuts and scrapes heal much more slowly than those kept clean and infection-free. ...
  3. Cover the Cut or Scrape. ...
  4. Change Your Bandage Often.

Does Vaseline work on scratches? ›

Help injured skin heal.

For minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes, and scratches, use petroleum jelly to keep the wound moist. This helps prevent the wound from drying out and forming a scab, as scabs take longer to heal. This will also help prevent a scar from getting too large, deep or itchy.

Can scratches be wiped off? ›

Small scratches can usually be rubbed out with polishing compound. The rule of thumb is that if your fingernail doesn't catch on the scratch, it's just a superficial clear coat scratch that can be smoothed out and made invisible.

Does rubbing polish remove scratches? ›

Most light scratches can be fixed by polishing the clear coat with a rubbing compound. It will remove the damaged layer and leave your paint looking good as new. If the scratch is deep, you may need to sand the area before polishing it. It will remove any rough edges and make it easier to apply the compound evenly.

What liquid removes scratches from glass? ›

Regular white toothpaste or mildly abrasive liquid soap can polish fine scratches out of glass. Materials: Plain white toothpaste (varieties containing baking soda and/or formulated for whitening purposes work better than gel formulas); or. Mildly abrasive soap for heavy-duty hand cleaning, like liquid pumice.

Does vinegar remove scratches from glass? ›

Kitchen Vinegar

This is another remedy you can use to remove scratches from your glasses successfully. Just apply the vinegar-water solution on the scratches, rub gently, rinse with cold water, and you're good to go.

Can baking soda remove glass scratches? ›

The most popular “home remedy” for scratched glasses is applying a paste made from baking soda and water. But, like any at-home hack for removing scratches from glasses, it's meant to wear away at the coating on your lenses until the scratches aren't as visible.

How do you remove micro scratches from stainless steel? ›

Baking soda is quite effective in removing light scratches on stainless steel. It has a powdery texture that serves as a gentle abrasive. Add water and baking soda to make a paste, put it to the surface of the metal and scrub lightly. Then wipe off the baking soda and wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

What won't scratch stainless steel? ›


However, the fine fibers of microfiber towels leave surfaces streak-free and won't scratch any of your stainless steel.

How do you make stainless steel look new again? ›

Vinegar naturally disinfects while helping remove hard water stains from your stainless steel sink. Once your sink is clean and dry, you can easily add an extra shine. Apply a few drops of olive oil to a lint-free cloth to buff the sink and fixture until they sparkle.

What cleans stainless steel without scratching? ›

Many people swear by the simple combination of vinegar and olive oil for keeping their stainless-steel appliances clean. 1: Add white vinegar to a clean spray bottle. 2: Spray down your stainless-steel appliance. 3: Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

How do you restore stainless steel coating? ›

One of the most effective ways to restore a stainless steel finish is by using vinegar and baking soda. Start by mixing equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the surface of the stainless steel and let it sit for several minutes before wiping it away with a soft cloth.

Does vinegar remove scratches from metal? ›

For best results, spray the surface of the metal with several sprays of vinegar, and then pull out another clean microfiber cloth to wipe the metal. The vinegar will clean the surface and remove all traces of other compounds and cleaners. Once the stainless steel is clean and dry, start polishing.

What is the best oil to use on stainless steel? ›

After cleaning with a vinegar-based solution, rub oil onto the stainless steel surface–first wiping in the direction of the grain, then in a circular motion to polish and shine. Most oils work equally well, but olive oil, mineral oil, or almond oil are all good choices.

Is it safe to use vinegar on stainless steel? ›

Vinegar is safe to use on stainless steel and helps remove oil and grime. Fill a reusable spray bottle with a combination of 1:1 white vinegar and water. Spritz it on, and wipe it off — no need to rinse!

When should you replace a Hydro Flask? ›

Do not hold the flask while filling with boiling water. Also, do not place the cap over the flask. After about 5 minutes, feel the outside of the flask (below the neck). If you feel any hot spots, the insulation has been compromised and you are eligible for a replacement.

When should I change my Hydro Flask? ›

If using a glass water bottle, you can change it out every 2-3 years to ensure you don't consume any harmful bacteria. Hydro Cell stainless steel bottles are ideal since they are durable, resist corrosion, and can be reused time and time again.

How often should you wash a Hydro Flask? ›

Daily cleanings with soap and hot water are recommended to maintain your Hydro Flask, but occasionally you will need to do a deeper cleaning to get rid of bacteria and stubborn stains.

Can bacteria grow in Hydro Flask? ›

Bad news, though: If you're not giving your Hydro Flask a regular scrub with a bottle brush, there might be a bacterial storm a-brewing inside its walls that could potentially get you sick.

How many Hydro flasks should you drink in a day? ›

Officially, the USDA recommends between two to almost four liters a day for adults depending on age, sex, and health status.

Do dents affect Hydro Flask? ›

If you've given the bottle a dent after using it, then you might be wondering if dents affect the insulation properties of the Hydro Flask water bottle. In most instances, the answer to this is “no.” However, there is a chance that the dent ruptured the vacuum seal and ruined the insulation.

Can I put Coke in my Hydro Flask? ›

Can you put carbonated drinks in a hydro flask? You can!

Can you put vodka in a Hydro Flask? ›

Flasks are intended for use with straight, undiluted spirits. In general, it is best to fill a stainless steel flask with hard liquors, such as scotch, whiskey, rum, or vodka. Avoid adding mixers to your alcohol, since many of these contain corrosive or perishable ingredients that can damage your flask.

What is the black stuff in my Hydro Flask lid? ›

Stachybotrys chartarum, or black mold, is one of the most toxic mold species. And, if you aren't cleaning your reusable water bottle properly, it is one of the culprits who might be living in there.

What is the best way to remove scratches from stainless steel? ›

If you do not have a designated stainless steel scratch remover like Bar Keeper's Friend, then you can try using whitening toothpaste or baking soda. The key is to mix the latter with a bit of water to create a paste.

How do you remove soft scratches from stainless steel? ›

Baking soda is quite effective in removing light scratches on stainless steel. It has a powdery texture that serves as a gentle abrasive. Add water and baking soda to make a paste, put it to the surface of the metal and scrub lightly. Then wipe off the baking soda and wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Does toothpaste work on stainless steel scratches? ›

Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and works a little more strongly on light scratches than non-abrasive cleaners. Apply the toothpaste to an old, soft-bristled toothbrush and brush over the scratches, following the grain. Wipe away the toothpaste with a damp microfiber cloth to check the surface.

Why do hydro flasks dent so easily? ›

The stainless steel that a Hydro Flask water bottle is made out of is actually quite thin, which makes it easy to dent when you drop it or bang it against something.

Can you return a damaged Hydro Flask? ›

Hydro Flask will replace any product found to be defective within the scope of normal and appropriate use. Replacement parts will be utilized to address defects when available.

What paste removes scratches from stainless steel? ›

Rolite - RMP45z2PK Metal Polish Paste - Industrial Strength Scratch Remover and Cleaner, Polishing Cream for Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless Steel and Other Metals, Non-Toxic Formula, 4.5 Ounces, 2 Pack.

What kind of toothpaste removes scratches? ›

Whitening toothpaste works the best because it contains more abrasives than other types. It also has a gritty and rough texture that can help remove scratches quickly.

Why toothpaste can remove scratches? ›

Paste-based toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive that levels out the scratch, removing it or making it less noticeable.


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